Tish Hotel

In a Jerusalem historic street hundreds of years old, is a magical Jerusalem apartment hotel that invites you to an unforgettable experience in the city.

That's how we started

In recent years, Jerusalem has developed in an unusual way and offers all tourists visiting it, both domestic and foreign tourists, plenty of attractions, places of entertainment, fascinating walks in the alleys and streets of the city and nearby sites and more. Out of the desire to provide those who come to the city a complete experience that is all of Jerusalem there the idea of Tish hotel was born!

We offer Jerusalem accommodation suitable for everyone

The hotel was established out of the basic desire to host in Jerusalem and offers everything you need for a wide variety of types of vacations in Jerusalem:

Romantic vacations

Family vacations

Holidays in wider ensembles

The stories of Jerusalem

The very experience of staying in a hotel, located in a building that was erected in the 19th century and is located in the alley where it is located, tells a whole Jerusalem story. Curious ? We will be happy to take you to an unforgettable experience between the streets and alleys of Jerusalem, to your Jerusalem experience.

Everything you need for a Jerusalem vacation

With us, at the Tish Hotel, you will find everything you need, to enjoy as much as possible, your upcoming Jerusalem vacation:

• A Jerusalem building, authentic and wonderful

A Jerusalem building in a Jerusalem alley that are both part of the charm of this city, which we will slowly discover, each time anew and each time a little differently, as we walk through its magical streets.

• A variety of luxurious and well-equipped rooms in an amazing style that are just waiting for you

Magical apartments, with rooms designed to the last detail. all Our rooms are luxurious and have all the necessary equipment for quality sleep, fun and experienced family time and of course - Jerusalem cooking.

• Central location in the heart of the city

The Jaffa Central Railway Station is right next to our hotel, which is close to Jaffa, Haneviim, and King George streets and within walking distance to a huge variety of places of interest such as Mahane Yehuda Market, Zion Square, cafes and restaurants of equal value and more.

• Service 24 hours a day

We are here so that you can forget about everything and just enjoy. You can make a quick independent check-in and of course receive a 24/7 service from us.

Come and experience an authentic Jerusalem experience, exciting and fun, and stay overnight in a place that is an experience in itself. We, at the Tish Hotel offer you to book with us your next good vacation in the city. see you SOON